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About Us

Leading Exporter Of Agro Products

The product we sell is also the product we use. We are very caring about the quality of the commodities we export. Connecting societies and sustainable farms through our transparent system and also reducing the cost and making a profitable deal to our customers.

Direct from Farmers

Nourishing communities with better,fresh and good quality,fruits,vegetables,grains,pulses,spices,millets,dry fruits and edible oils etc., are directly brought from the farmers and connecting you with nature and live with its rythm.

Chemical Free Handling

Chemical free food products helps you to live a Healthier and Happy life.Our foods are free of chemicals and artificial substances.

Safe and Transparent Business

Connecting the socities and sustainable farms through our Transparent System. Building a culture of Transparency that is focused on safety and quality. It can be an incredible marketing advantage and gives food companies an edge over competitors.

Our Products

Fruits & Dry Fruits
Edible Oils
Pulses & Millets

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Worldwide Exporter

We are Exporting Agro products all over the world.

Talented Workers

We are engaged with the pool of highly talented and qualified,30+ years of experienced staffs.

Our Supplies

We are sourcing from established suppliers. Securing competitive prices through bulk buying.

Our Sources

Connecting farmers to global consumers by using a unique marketing platform.


Agricultural Assistance

To obtain the Agro-food products at profitable price from farmers and distribute it to all at the most competitive and the lowest possible price

It’s a matter of Quality

To export and import the best product from the best place and distribute not only in India but also overseas.

Helping hand for the farmer

It’s difficult for every farmer to sell their farm products directly to the customers. Selling products through Elite Veggies,farmers will earn more profit.

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