All You Need To Know About Electric Chain Hoists 

Are you aware of the concept of an electric chain hoist? Not sure what these equipment pieces are all about? Electric chain hoists are material handling equipment pieces responsible for lifting and transporting materials across different distances. An electric motor operates these electric chain hoists with the help of a gearbox. They also come with a controller pendant. These electric chain hoists are highly useful in transferring heavy loads across different regions. They can be used to perform the lifting task in a highly effective way. You will also find a huge variety of hoists available but the electric chain hoists are the most efficient among them.

Why Are Electric Chain Hoists Used So Frequently?

The Electric Hoist 2 Ton is extremely useful for lifting weights. They need to have a constant electric power supply in order to function properly. Hence, they are mostly used for indoor purposes. You will find these electric chain hoists in the automotive industry, warehouses and different other factories. These electric hoists are designed in such a way that they can function really well in an environment that has a high temperature.

They are also responsible for working in a clean environment. So, you will find the electric hoist chains being used in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. However, safety protocols must be followed while handling an electric chain hoist. That way, it can be ensured that no harm comes to the workplace or the operator handling the electric chain hoist.

What Are The Different Types of Electric Chain Hoists Available?

Loadmate offers you three different types of electric chain hoists that are used quite effectively in different factories.

Stationary hoists:

These electric chain hoists are fixed in a particular location only. They can only be used for lifting the weight in an up-and-down direction. They are used for heavy-duty operations and are a popular choice for different industries. You will also be able to get this kind of electric hoist in different modified versions.

Electric chain hoists with manual trolley:

This is another popular type of electric chain hoist that you will find in multiple industries. It comes with a manual trolley which is used when the cross-transverse motions are less. This is another very useful type of electric chain hoist.

Electric chain hoist with electric trolley:

The electric chain hoist with an electric trolley is another very popular kind of electric chain hoist. It makes use of electric trolleys. It is used in single girder EOT crane systems and much more. This kind of chain host performs smoothly and effectively and can be used to fulfil your objectives quickly and easily.

So, get your electric chain hoist and double girder EOT crane from the best Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer around you and bring about an improvement in your workplace operations.

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