How the Modern Laundromat

They said that the advent of the modern automatic washing machine would spell the end of the old-style laundry. Then again, they also said that video would kill the movies. They were wrong on both counts.

Far from becoming a thing of the past, laundry has come of age. It’s no longer the dull, deserted place that you might remember. It’s a thriving place that now offers more services than ever before. From kid’s play rooms to relaxing massage chairs, here are just some of the surprising things that you can find in the SunnyDaze Laundromat. There’s no more sitting and watching your smalls going around and around in the modern washeteria. They now have customer lounges that you can sit back and relax in. With comfortable chairs, trendy bistro tables, and a TV, it almost makes doing the weekly wash a pleasure.

If all that relaxing makes you feel hungry, you can grab a snack or get a drink while you wait for the wash cycle to finish. Drinks and snack vending machines are all part of the service at the best modern laundry.

Remember how the kids used to get bored and start playing up when you visited the local laundromat? That’s a thing of the past too. You’ll be relieved to learn that the modern laundry has a purpose-built kid’s playroom to keep the kids amused as well.

You might remember sitting on those hard benches while you watched the spin cycle. Well, that’s all gone. Now, you get to sit back and relax in a massage chair while you are washing your clothes.

If the kid’s get bored with the playroom, and you’ve had enough massaging for one day, you can log on to the free Wi-Fi. You can catch up with friends on Facebook and send a few emails, while the kids play their favorite games.

If you don’t have the time to do your clothes washing, why not have someone else do it for you? The modern washateria will now pick up your clothes from you, do the wash, and then deliver them back to you all clean and nicely folded. With the wash-and-fold delivery services that you now get, it hardly seems worth buying a washing machine at all.

It seems, then, that doing clothes washing is not the chore that you thought it was. You can now do your washing in comfortable surroundings and make use of all the facilities. Or, if you prefer, you can use the wash-and-fold delivery services and have it all done for you.

The way that modern laundry has evolved is a great example of businesses adapting. The introduction of the automatic washer hasn’t killed off washaterias, it’s made them up their game. The same thing happened with cinemas. Movie theatres adapted as well. They got smarter, and cleaner and they now offer a much better service to their customers.

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