How to Contact Chinese Factories Effectively?

Finding trustworthy and reliable manufacturers to create your product is one of the most crucial steps in any business journey. Many product manufacturers, based all around the world, can be found online and they all provide assurances and promises regarding the calibre, reliability, and cost.

China is regarded as the world’s factory because it has plenty of powerful players. The product costs are lower than those you would find domestically. Thus, you can potentially make more money. They can produce substantial orders in a little period. You can choose from a wide number of vendors in a variety of areas and with greater care than you might obtain from domestic suppliers.

Product lines are well organised and maintained. Machinery, raw material, and equipment are easily accessible. However, things aren’t always easy sailing. You’ll need to consider factors like product quality, language barriers, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and shipping times, to ensure that the Chinese manufacturer and you are on the same page during the manufacturing, sampling, and shipping process.

Often foreign buyers are unable to travel overseas every deal therefore they hire sourcing agents to contact Chinese factories effectively. These sourcing agents help clients get the right supplier based on their requirements. Moreover, being from the same country, these companies also know the culture and language which makes it easy to communicate with Chinese suppliers. They are mediators who handle every single task from handling raw material costs to production to shipping after auditing at right time.

Still, some start-ups believe in doing most of the work on their own. So, if you’re one of those who want to solely contact Chinese factories effectively, follow these few tips to approach them conveniently.

How to Find Suppliers?


Alibaba,, Global Source, etc. help importers and exporters locate and source manufactured products made by the Chinese companies. To find products similar to yours, use their search box. contacting suppliers is easy; just start by clicking on the “Contact Supplier” button and immediately search for the results.

Trade Fairs and Markets

The China Import and Export Fair, often known as the Canton Fair, is a trade show created to link Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers with foreign consumers and exporters. Another famous market is the Guangzhou Market where buyers can contact Chinese factories effectively and check their samples on the spot. Attending a significant trade fair may seem intimidating at first, but getting in is simpler than one might think. This makes it possible to meet a lot of vendors in person in a short amount of time.

Best Ways to Contact Chinese Manufacturers


WeChat is a super app used in China by everyone. Often people think that it is a personal app and that business matters shouldn’t be communicated here. However, the fact is that all Chinese people use WeChat, and it is the most convenient way to send text and interact through voice and video calls. Through video calls, you can also check samples and production status on call.


This is another way of communicating with Chinese suppliers. This traditional method has been in use for a long time. By presenting a concise list of questions and requesting that each be addressed in the follow-up letter, it is possible to offer structured communication rather than writing everything in a clumsy and lengthy paragraph. You may receive replies late, but it surely looks more professional than WeChat and leaves a positive impact on suppliers.


Due to its familiarity, Chinese staff like and speak fluently on DingTalk, a premium Chinese business app. It offers instant chat and sends to-do lists, assigned parties, and calendar reminders directly to the user’s phone, making it useful for task management.

The best way to contact Chinese factories effectively is by getting references. Consulting other businesses and peers can help you find already verified suppliers. This will ease out most of your tedious tasks. Finding a supplier is not difficult if you know the right mode of communication.

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