How To Create A Square Foot Garden Bed In Your Available Garden Space?

Are you planning to start with square foot gardening? Not sure how exactly are you going to create your garden bed? Well, square foot gardening is a popular method, especially for beginners. This gardening method does not require you to do hard work. Setting up your raised garden bed within a very small available space is also quite easy. So, the steps for creating a square food garden have been mentioned below:

Build Your Garden Box: First and foremost, you will have to create your garden box for square foot gardening. You can also relocate the box that you already have. To build your box, the best possible way is to go for a box that isn’t too large. It will make it easier for you to manage your garden area. The box can be built with brick, metal, or wood. You can also choose to go for high-quality cedar or lumbar for creating your garden within a box. Your raised plant beds garden may also be made of cement and mortar.

Fill With Soil: Now that you have already created your garden box, your next step is to fill the garden box with soil. It would help if you always made it a point to use good quality soil in filling up your raised garden bed box. Different people use different types of soil based on availability. However, make sure that the soil particles are moist. The particles should also not be too tightly packed to prevent the roots from growing to their full extent. You can also get yourself a raised garden bed kit and grow your plant accordingly.

Divide Your Garden Space: The next step is to divide your garden space into square grids of the required measurement. One thing that you can do is to take a measuring tape and divide your entire area into a one-foot square grid. It will make it easy for you to grow your plants. You can place one plant in each of the grids. As a result, the plants will no longer compete for nutrients, and the growth will also be good.

Grow Your Plants: Now, all you require is to grow your plants in the square grid. Growing your plants isn’t a very difficult task to do. You can either use seeds or seedlings for growing the plants of your choice. You must also be careful about the type of plants that you choose to grow in your raised garden bed. Please do not go for too-tall plants as they would compete for each other for nutrients.

This is how you can grow your plants in square foot gardening. Also, if you want to know how to plant a raised garden box, you can connect with us, and we will help you out.

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