License to Impress: How to Get a Fancy Registration Number for Your Car and Bike

For many, a car isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of one’s identity. The emotional connection people build with their vehicles prompts them to go above and beyond to make their cars stand out. Some enthusiasts invest time and effort to obtain a VIP (Very Important Person) number plate, turning their cars into personal lighthouses on the road.

Choosing The Right VIP Number

Getting a VIP number plate involves more than a simple application; it’s a process that requires additional steps beyond the standard number plate acquisition. Despite the extra effort, many find it worthwhile as it allows them to showcase their unique number every time they hit the road.

Selecting The Perfect VIP Number Along With The Insurance

As you meticulously choose a VIP number, selecting the right car insurance is crucial. Insurance providers offer various options, including comprehensive, standalone own-damage, and standalone third-party car insurance.

The ease of purchase and online policy renewal make handling your car insurance needs a breeze. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining A VIP Number

Obtaining a VIP number involves an online process facilitated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Registration on MoRTH’s Official Website
  • Create a public user account on MoRTH’s official website.
  • Selecting Your Dream Fancy Car Number
  • After registration, choose your desired fancy car number.
  • Fee Payment
  • Pay the required fees to secure your preferred fancy number.
  • Formal Bidding
  • Formally bid on the chosen number, and depending on the auction results, recover dues or pay the remaining amount.
  • Allotment Letter

Alternative Method: Parivahan Fancy Number Booking

Bidding Process

If two individuals vie for the same Vahan fancy number, both must bid on it.

Vahan Parivahan Website

Visit for additional information.

Account Creation

  • Sign up with your email address or mobile number to log in or create a new account.
  • Number Selection and Auction Participation
  • Select a figure and participate in the auction through the E-Auction tab.
  • Application Submission
  • Fill out the application, submit it, and print the receipt for fee payment.
  • Availability of RTO Selection Number

State transportation authorities reserve specific numbers between 0001 and 9999, which are unavailable through standard vehicle registration. A special request through the state’s procedure is necessary, with availability checked on the state road transport website.

Understanding The Fees

Fees for VIP numbers vary by state. Delhi, for instance, charges ₹1000 for registration. Additionally, a deposit is required to reserve a specific plate, with the amount determined by the selected number’s category.

Choosing an RTO choice number is a way to express pride in your vehicle and make it distinct. The process involves effort, but the satisfaction of winning the bid and showcasing your unique plate is unparalleled. After acquiring your VIP number, securing your investment with comprehensive car insurance for a new car without a registration number becomes even more crucial, ensuring both value and visibility are protected. Make sure you renew your car insurance on time.

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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