The Marketing Plan Every Startup Should Consider Having

Startups are not something everyone can manage. To turn nothing into something requires genuine creativity and determination. This is not something up everyone’s street.

Many startups are born every day and many fail. Only a handful of startup founders end up crossing the ocean. The reasons behind so many startups failing vary to great degrees. Some have funding problems, others have product issues, and others falter due to the misguided vision of the people in charge.

Aside from these issues, one big reason why startups fail is down to their misguided approach to marketing. In a conversation with the Delhi Courses Academy, they explained that, From the beginning, many founders, tend to look at marketing as a post launch problem. They focus all their energy on the product development and other management issues and let marketing issues slide to the backburner.

What is the result? After the launch, everyone is startled to find that nobody is coming to even view the product, better still invest time into thinking about buying it. This is also true for service-based startups who do not spend any time working on marketing their business before launch.

The lack of emphasis on marketing can stem from two possible reasons.

  1. i) Founders don’t take marketing seriously OR
  2. ii) Founders do not know enough about new-age techniques like digital marketing to reach their audience

If the case is (i), there is no solution for indifference. If you are a founder confused about marketing and belong to (ii), we discuss a few points you should note about marketing.

Start Marketing from Day One

You have to start marketing your business from day one. If you do not have the resources to do marketing during pre-launch, use SEO to build a loyal audience. If you have the resources, use a multi-channel approach to raise awareness about the brand.

Digital marketing is the best way you can start raising awareness about your brand months and weeks before launch.

To deploy digital marketing, you need to learn and understand the field first. Joining digital marketing courses is one option. Many digital marketing courses are tailored to help entrepreneurs develop their own business.

Practices like blogging and email marketing are incredibly great to raise awareness about a brand and its products before launch.

Either Learn Marketing or Hire Someone to do it

Someone in your startup must have an idea on how your company can be promoted on different digital channels. If you as the founder are already a marketer or are willing to learn about new age marketing techniques like digital marketing and SEO, great.

If not, you need to hire someone to handle the marketing for your company.

Many startups count pennies when it comes to hiring new people, more so than others in the field of marketing.

Do Not Target Every Marketing Avenue

A focus on marketing does not mean you should blindly through money at different marketing avenues. Choose the platforms you choose to promote your brand on depending on your target audience.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three main takeaways for a marketing plan every startup must take into account.

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