The Surprising Prevalence of HDPE Tubes

HDPE is short for “high-density polyethylene.” It’s a type of thermoplastic that offers not only a strong molecular bond, but also significant impermeability as well. These are also a few of the properties that make it ideal for HDPE pipes and HDPE tubes as well.

In fact, the material itself is so beneficial in so many ways that it’s actually a lot more common than you’d expect. One might think that something like HDPE tubes would be pretty much exclusively found in an industrial environment. However, you’d be wrong.

HDPE Tubes: More Widely Used Than You Think

HDPE tubes and pipes are commonly used to transport various types of water, waste, and chemicals, for example. Its corrosion resistance makes it great for use with both organic and inorganic chemicals. If you’ve ever seen a wastewater line in your area, the chances are high that HDPE tubes were used during its construction.

It’s also commonly used for dredge piping, pit dewatering, and even for fertilizer.

But one of the most common uses of HDPE tubes is also among the most important. Power plants depend on fresh water and discharge to maintain the safest environment possible at all times and to make sure that the power plant itself is capable of generating the electricity that people need. HDPE tubes are a big part of what allows that to happen.

Note that all of this is made possible thanks to the myriad of different benefits that HDPE is known for. Even though it is inherently affordable, those cost-savings don’t come at the expense of quality – at least not when you have the right custom plastic extrusion partner by your side who understands how to work to the precise requirements of your project.

They’re UV resistance and can stand up to most chemicals – making them great, even in incredibly harsh outdoor environments. They’re stiff, non-leaching, and operate at even extreme hot and cold temperatures. This all contributes to their amazing durability, which in turn has led to them being used almost constantly throughout our lives, even in ways we don’t necessarily realize.

The Spiratex Approach

Since 1955, Spiratex has made it a point of pride to be more than just a custom plastic extrusion┬áprovider. Truly, the more complicated your design is, the more we love the project. In addition to working with clients in areas like material handling and conveyors, we’ve also met the strict standards of military and defense clients, have partnered with those in the automotive industry, have worked on wire and cable projects, and more. With no minimum order requirements, whatever you need is exactly what we’re prepared to offer – end of story.

If you’d like to find out more information about the many different ways in which HDPE tubes are used throughout our daily lives, or if you have any questions about options like UHMW tubing that you’d like to discuss with someone more directly, please contact the team at Spiratex today.

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